Have you ever felt at a loss when evaluating foot and ankle pain/irritation?

Evaluation of the abductor hallucis and the underlying tibial and plantar nerves will give you more insight and therapeutic effectiveness for your clients with sciatic nerve irritation and/or medial foot/ankle pain.

In the Abductor Hallucis online course you'll learn:

  • Anatomy and pathomechanics of the tibial nerve at the tarsal tunnel, and abductor hallucis

  • Signs & symptoms of dysfunction

  • Dorsiflexion Eversion Neural Testing

  • Treatment planning

  • Dropping the tone in the abductor hallucis

  • Decompressing the tibial and plantar nerves

  • Stripping and stretching the abductor hallucis

  • Milking fluid from the tarsal tunnel

  • Rhythmic joint mobilizations to further lessen fluid congestion in the tarsal tunnel

  • Release of the flexor retinaculum of the tarsal tunnel

Learn how to evaluate for compression of the tibial nerve at the ankle. Learn the “Phalen’s” test of the ankle for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and what to do when the test is positive.

Just $78.75 CAD (including tax) for one year access.

This course is approved for 2 primary credits with the MTAA.


  • Who is this course for?

    This course is designed for Massage Therapists and other manual therapy practitioners.

  • What is the cost of this course?

    The course fee is $78.75 CAD (including tax) which gives you 1 year access to all of the course material in the online learning center.

  • How long do I have to complete the course once I have purchased it?

    You have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete all e-healthcanada.com courses, and you can access your courses 24/7 online from any device.

  • How do I get continuing education credit for this course?

    Please check with your association in advance as to how you can receive credit for this course. MTAA members need only to submit a copy of your certificate of completion to your association, but this may vary for non-members.

  • Will I be able to retake the exam if I am not successful on my first try?

    Yes, you can retake the exam as many times as needed.

Enhance your skills with assessing and treating athletes that are hard driving at their feet and ankles, as well as lessening irritation of the sciatic nerve in any client.

Just $78.75 CAD (including tax) for one year access.

This course is approved for 2 primary credits with the MTAA.